The Devil and The Angel from DWC

The book “The Devil in the White City” wrote by Eric Larson. The book talks about two story lines. The first is about a notorious serial killer named H.H. Holmes. He built a hotel to lure people to their deaths. The second story line is about Danial Burnham and his story about building the Chicago World Fair. He is the main architect of the Fair. The two characters are the focus of the book. The passage from the book “a story of the ineluctable conflict between good and evil, daylight and darkness, The White City and the Black” (xi). The passage is great for the quote from “Evils Imminent”.

The prefatory note called “Evils Imminent”, Larson talks a lot about two forces good and evil. It describes the two characters Burnham and Holmes, Burnham represents the good. He wants to build great architecture for the Chicago’s World Fair. While, Holmes represented as evil, Holmes is killing people during the process of constructing the World’s Fair. The main point of “Evils Imminent” is that it describes the two main characters.

The character of Holmes is a very evil guy. He does kill nine people that we know of but, we think he murdered over two hundred people. He took the time to come up with an elaborate plan to murder people, and it was to build a hotel during the Chicago’s World Fair. He thought he would be able to murder a lot of people that would check into his hotel. The main people he killed was Minnie and Nannie (Annie) Williams. They were sisters, and Holmes had a way of soothing the ladies. He murdered a bunch of people, and burned their bodies. The man named H.H. Holmes is the representation of evil.

The second character is Burnham, and he is a good guy. He was the lead architect on the Chicago’s World Fair.  He did tremendous work on the World’s Fair. Burnham was a character that was looking to do great work. He got to work with George Ferris on the first Ferris Wheel. He had a good experience building the World’s Fair, and did an amazing job. Danial Burnham is represented as the good character of the book.

The book is a good way to learn the differences between good and evil. The two characters Burnham, and Holmes is complete opposites in every way. The Min point of “Evils Imminent” is based on good and evil. The book “The Devil in the White City” shows us the best definition of Good and Evil.

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Group Decision on the Cast for “The Devil in the White City”

The cast of “The Devil in the White City” has not been appointed yet. The rights to the movie have been bought by Paramount Pictures. The Director is Martin Scorsese and the only role that has an actor appointed to it is the role of H.H Holmes whom will be played as Leonardo DiCaprio. The movie has been put off for a long time. DiCaprio has had his mind set on making this movie. The choices for roles in the movie have been selected by my group are the most accurate choices.

The main character in The Devil in the White City is H.H Holmes. Holmes is casted by Leonardo DiCaprio. The other characters of the book had not been casted yet. My group that includes Laura Barrier, Garrett Cultrera, Katlean Lopez, and Kang Yang. We have decided that the characters of Danial Burnham we have decided to go with Matt Bomer, he fits the description, and he has a way to him that matches Burnham. For John Root, we picked Gerald Butler, he fit the character description well and he has had a lot of acting experience. The character for Minnie Williams, the group picked Lily Collins and she matches the features of the character. The character of George Ferris, we picked Tom Selleck he has the structure of the character. The character of Emeline Cigrand, we wanted Rachal McAdams to play the character because she is passionate.

The choices for The Devil in the White City are a great way to imagine what the upcoming film will be like with the cast my group and I have picked. The cast has amazing features that relate to the roles from the book. The book had told in detail the descriptions of the characters, and we found the best suited for the job.

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Casting Co-Stars for DiCaprio in DWC

'The Great Gatsby' Photocall - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival
Maguire (left) and DiCaprio (right) Took by: Getty Images

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson is being made into a motion picture also directed by Martin Scorsese. The main character H.H. Holmes has been given to Leonardo DiCaprio. The casting for DiCaprio is good because the character of Holmes is a crazy, psychotic murderer. DiCaprio has been known to play crazy characters in the movies. So, this role fits DiCaprio well. A quote from DWC that was pulled from The Torture Doctor by David Franke  “ ‘He could feel that he was a god in disguise.’ ” (388) This showed that Holmes was crazy. This is a role that DiCaprio could play well. The other main characters have not been casted yet. My thoughts on who should be casted for some other roles in the movie is for Burnham and Minnie. For the character of Burnham I thought Tobey Maguire would be a good choice. DiCaprio and Maguire worked on “The Great Gatsby” together, and they made the movie fantastic. Tobey Maguire has been in tons of movies, he normally plays the main character.  The movie that DiCaprio and Maguire worked in together grossed 351 million dollars at the box office. The role of Minnie should be Margot Robbie because she works well with DiCaprio in the movies. They played husband and wife in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. She has a crazy personality, which is good for DiCaprio. They also have thought about casting Jonah Hill for a part, but nothing has been released.

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A Game of Life

The memoir of R. Dwayne Betts is called “A Question of Freedom: A memoir of learning, survival, and coming of age in Prison”, which is a memoir of Betts life in prison. There is a game that everyone has to play, but the opponent always has an upper hand in the deck.

The metaphor Betts uses is “[t]here was a spades game being played for our lives and our opponents had set the deck” (59) The metaphor means that the game of life, or spades, had been controlled by the opponents the whole time. He uses this metaphor for a reason. In prison the inmates control certain people. The people that the inmates control are not getting a chance to win because they are losing to the inmates. The meaning to the metaphor is that the game is being controlled, but the person playing need to take back their life.

The metaphor compared to the memoir is very similar. The memoir tells us about Betts journey through the prison system. During his journey he experiences times when other people are controlling the deck. The main point in his memoir was to tell the reader how hard it was to be in prison. The card game in prison is not like the card game in the outside world because there are different rules and different people playing. The bad people are not giving the people a chance at all.

The metaphor to Betts is that in prison you are never dealt the the right cards, so the opponent always has the trump card. He was never dealt the cards right, so he learned to played the right cards. Otherwise, it would not end well for Betts. Betts was trying his best to survive in prison. He did what he had to do, and he had to see people come and go. He had to learn the ways of prison life.

The memoir is all about the struggles and accomplishments Betts had faced while in prison. The opponent always had a upper hand in prison and most of the time they do. The whole time your trying to survive, and not cause any trouble with any of the other inmates. The inmates do not give very peaceful ways to live in any prison. The way Betts survived is by keeping low and do what he had to do to survive.

Wacky of the World

The play Wonder of the World is by David Lindsay-Abaire. The play is mainly set at the magnificent Niagara Falls with the main characters Cast Harris, Lois Coleman, and Kip Harris. Their are other amazing characters in the play. The play is about Cass leaving Kip to go to Niagara Falls. The play has got some weird parts to it. The wackiness in the play was to much for the readers.
The reviewer Ben Brantley has claimed that the play is too often wacky. The reviewer Brantley is true that the play is too wacky a lot of the time. The playwright Lindsay-Abaire shows wackiness by putting in the play Lois wanting to go over the falls in a barrel. According to Lois “I’m going to kill myself” (1,2) With Lois wanting to kill herself it shows the wacky part that Cass is really not concerned with helping Lois not kill herself.
The wackiness goes overboard in this play. The play features three people considering suicide in the play. The Captain who is known as Captain Mike is murdered, and no one seems to really care about his death. Kip is weird because he has a fetish of swallowing barbie doll heads, and he gets pleasure out of it. It is not a pleasant thing to do. Cass says “[f]rom Barbie dolls? But just the heads. Detached. Eleven of them” (1,9) Kip has wackiness to spare. The entire cast is full of to much wacky.
The play itself is not bad, but for an audience of young adults the play would probably not get much respect as a more mature audience would. The play is all over the place when it comes to wackiness. The scenes where they are at Niagara Falls is very complex to understand if the playwright did not put the scenes in to very particular details. The scenes where they are at different restaurants shops immense details because it needed to be explained. The restaurant scene tells a lot about the characters Glen and Karla which needed to be broken down in to more to understand them.
The characters are wacky because the playwright made them that way. The reason why Lindsay-Abaire made the characters, so wacky was because they would fit the scenes better then boring characters. The relationship between Kip and Cass Harris is complicated in the beginning because it did not say what his fetish was, but at the the end of act one. The fetish is revealed, and it is not pleasant. The play is all around wacky because of the characters mainly.
The play is about Cass getting away from her husband, but the entire time tons of crazy events happen all around her. Thats why Ben Brantley claims the play too wacky because it shows once you have read the entire play. The play shows wackiness throughout the whole play from start to finish.
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My Life During Middle School

My life has been crazy so far, but I am going to focus on my middle school years. The years I was in middle school was around 2011 and 2012. I want to share my time at middle school because I had two foot surgeries. My feet were extremely flat, and my feet started hurting. So, they were hurting all the time even when I wasn’t on them. So, my mom and me went to a Foot Specialist. His name is Doctor Robb A. Mothershed. He getimage-aspxhelped me with my feet, and did an amazing job at correcting my fallen arches. I had to learn how to walk twice after each surgery. It hurt a lot learning how to walk, but I got through it. I have three scars on one of my lower leg, and two on my other leg. The doctor saw some more stuff he could do in the other leg. So, I have a scar on the back of my calf muscles. Then on one foot I have two scars, and the other I have one. I am glad I could get my feet fixed because I would have been disabled in the future from my arches.